Earning from wholesale silver jewelry business

There are different ways to earn more money from your interests; wholesale silver jewelry would be one of your choices. If you are interested in the silver jewelry, you can now think about the silver jewelry business for your own. Resale the piece of silver jewelry can make more profit than you can think if you know the place to look for your jewelry pieces. Here are some tips for you in order to find the right place for your jewelry business.


1. Check for the online shop who can offer you a reasonable price of silver jewelry. Not just only the price that you need to check but also the reputable of the wholesaler as well. Go for the website who obtain great comments from various customers. Spent your time in searching as the beginning step, it will help you a lot when you start to do place your order for a reliable wholesaler with great product price offer.

2. You need to think about your customer request whenever you want to place your order for a new collection. Choose the items according to your customer request, not just because you like it. You want to resell the piece to your customers, think about them and go for the pieces they would like.

3. Keep yourself up-to-date with a fashion trend. If you can be a first-time-seller for any jewelry styles, it will be your strong pointand the customers who know about these points will always come back to your service.

4. Use the “triple keystone pricing” in order to get your offer price to the customer. Multiple the wholesale product price by three, to cover all you cost on product prices, shipping cost and taxes, and also the consumable cost along the way of your business running.

5. Keep in touch with your jewelry wholesale, if you find the right wholesaler for you. With great connections, you will always get an up-to-date news from the wholesaler and also, a new on promotions and special deals whenever the wholesaler set up these events. Keep in touch.

6. Examine your order when all the pieces arrived to your place. If you have any problem with the products, be sure that you are contacting your wholesaler immediately and consult them for all the damages.

7. Clean your silver jewelries and keep them in a zip-closure plastic bag to prevent dust, dirt and any damage that can occur. If you keep all the pieces in their great look, you will be able to resale the pieces soon.

Wholesale silver jewelry – all about silver quality

The silver bracelets have been with human, especially for women for thousands of years. The use of silver has been recorded in the human history for a long time, and the necklaces and bracelets seem to be the first jewelry piece for human use. The silver necklaces and bracelets are then involved with human use for such a long time.

wholesale silverThe silver jewelry is not only limited for necklaces and braceletsbut they are also include rings, earrings and etc. You can choose for any pieces you like, that best to your outfit and therefore complete your look in the right way. If you are looking for the piece which is easy to use and can bring out your character to the world, the silver bracelet would be one of your choices. There are different styles and designs of the silver strand bracelet which can give an elegant look to the wearers. You can choose to go for the design that you like, and then just go with that particular style.

The important thing about silver jewelry is involved with its quality. The silver metals for making jewelry pieces are generally come in different grade. The best grade for silver jewelry is known in the term of 92.5 which referred to 92.5% of silver inside. If you go with the lower percentage of silver inside, the jewelry piece will come with cheaper price but the quality and life shelf of the piece will be lower and shorter as well. Think about the quality of silver before make your selection. The trusted seller is the “must” to find whenever you are going for silver jewelry shopping.

How to choose the right earring?

To get the right earring that best match to your character, you will get attention from people in the easy way. The wrong pair of earrings would take people’s attention as well, but for the opposite feeling. The right pair of earring can come from either wholesale earrings or from the brand name jewelry designers. But the key of success is about how o get the right pair for your right sense of fashion? Here are your guidelines for the right pair of earrings.

wholesale earrings1. Go with the great design. Do your research for both fashion and classic design of the earrings before making the decision. Although they are always varied in shape and style, you still need to find out which design is the best for you. Different design will be use fordifferent purpose, check for the great design for each event.

2. Consider for the material. There are various materials you can get for a pair of earrings. The precious and non-precious metals can be use for making the earrings. If you have allergy to any metal types, for example copper, beware of the alloy like sterling silver metal. But if you are allergic to nickel, check for the metal based use for the pair of earrings. If you want to avoid these metals, you can go with the other material type instead.

3. Check for the colors and go with the color that matched to your character. Everybody has their own color that can represent their character. Find out for the right color for you, and use that color as the base color for all everything in your life. Look at your outfits in your wardrobe and be sure that the new pair of earring can really go with one of the outfit there. Remember that you need to match the earrings to your outfit, not to match your outfit with the earrings.

4. Gems or No gems, another thing to consider for the new pair of earring. You might go with the pair of earring with gems for the special occasion. But be sure for the weight of the gem that might cause a problem after you put the pair on. Pure gems are generally quite heavy, think about the size and weight if you decide to go with the gemstone earrings.

Here are some more guidelines for the right earring selection.

wholesale earrings5. The bigger is not always the better. Although the earring style like hoop earring might come with the big size, but it’s not always the right thing to go for every time. The really big size might be great for party with friends, but not the right one for official work. The big and bold earring might also make a bold look to you, which is the wrong way for using the earring. If you want to big size earring, the hoop earring might be the best design to go for, but think about the event you are going to attend at the same time.

6. Not only the size, but also the weight that you need to consider for the earring. With the heavy weight ofearring, it will definitely make a problem in the long run. If you are really need to go with the heavy one, you should at least try it on before. Estimate for the time you need to wear the piece on, if possible. Then, you will know how long you will have to hold the pair on, with your earlobe. If you are looking for the daily use earrings, go with the normal one, either the stud earring or loop earring can complete the job. Just to be sure that the pair bring you both comfort and great look at the time.

7. With the loop and dangle earrings, the length is another considering factor for you. The long length earring can add an elegant look, but might give a problem with your movement instead. Make sure that you have choose a pair withright in size, weight and length for yourself.

8. Pierced or clip on earring – which style you should go for. Well, it’s all depend on which style give you the most comfortable feeling when you wear the piece on. Go with that style, if it make you feel comfy enough.

Toe ring – different styles for your choices

There are different styles of toe ring you can go for. Here are some examples.

Tattoos toe ring – this toe ring style is perfect for anyone who wants to hide the ring and show off when you want to show. This style is the best one to go for, for this purpose. However, to get the tattoo around your toe is not an easy job. Talk with your tattoo artist before make your decision. You can have only one tattoo on the top of your toe.

toe ring

Simple toe ring – this toe ring style is quite popular among the group of people. You can simply choose the simple toe ring that made by different materials of your choices. You can go with silver, gold or platinum depend on what you like the most to present the ring on your toe. However, you need to check for the metal quality as the toe ring made by fake metals will leave the green marks around your toe, after you take your toe ring off. Be careful with the quality, that’s all.

Toe ring with gemstone – for example diamond toe ring. Usually the stone will set in gold, white gold or platinum before place the stone back on the top of the toe ring. The price for toe rings with different type of stone will be varied according to the stone value and also the metal made. It’s your choice whether you want to put the stone on your toe ring or not.

toe ring

In order to wear a toe ring, you need to check for the right size before place your order for the toe ring. Usually, you need to estimate about ¼ size between your toe and toe ring. If you go with the too tight ring, your toe ring will be unable to spin around your toe. But for the too lose one, you might lost it during the time of wearing. Measure for your toe size and add about ¼ for your toe ring size.

You do need to clean your toe ring, just like other jewelry pieces. The regular cleaning is also recommended for your toe ring in order to keep their best looking. Especially if you wear your toe ring and then go to the beach, you will need to clean the ring up after use. Remove all the stubborn dirt from your toe ring with a soft-bristled brush followed by warm water withsoft cloth. Let it dry properly and then place it back to the box.